Method Of The Month
Like most ringers, I like to learn new methods and expand my repertoire. This can be challenging at the best of times and can involve visiting other towers to gain the practical experience of ringing the method. On this page I hope to share with you the latest method that I am learning at the moment.

Norwich Surprise Minor

Having learnt, and rung a peal of Cambridge Surprise Minor, I have chosen to learn Norwich Surprise Minor. This method is seen as the next step up from Cambridge. All the places and dodges are made right, i.e. hand-back. All the dodges are backstroke dodges too!

The Order Of Work

Refering to the blue line opposite you will see the order of work for the six is as follows:

Finish off Three and Three at the back
One and Three
Places Down
Double Dodge and Lead
Lead and Double Dodge
Places Up
Three and One

It is important to note that the places are not like cambridge, there is no dodge at the start or end, only in the middle!